Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Story of the Slipped Disks, part 2

So.. where was I?  Oh yeah!  The hospital.
The only parts of the hospital experience worth sharing are-
When they came to have me due a "road test" - It took 20 minutes to get me into a seated position, and didn't need a mirror to know that there was absolutely no blood in my face, that the pain was so intense I was going into shock.  I remember being frustrated that I was having to cry soooo many times for them to please please help me to lay down again.  I was in a cold sweat, and... well, it was horrible.

They gave me more medication, some more time passed, and the second time we attempted a road test, between the high level of medications in me, the dickish doctor making it abundantly clear that I was taking up valuable space, and sheer determination, I was able to get up and walk a loop around the large, central nurses station.  Natalie was the name of the wonderful nurse that helped me that night.  She was awesome.

Our dear friends Kris and Gretchen were kind enough to come pick us up and bring us home when the taxi we called failed to appear.

That day was more painful than any of the ovarian cyst ruptures or surgeries I have had.  The only experience more painful was being stung by a Portuguese Man of War jellyfish.

It has been several weeks now, and with the exception of some movements that remind me I am not fully healed, I feel pretty damn good.  I have been doing physical therapy 2 times a week- with core muscle work , and an underwater treadmill.

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  1. Poor girl. Don't know how I missed this second post, but how is your back doing now?